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Build an Agency that Innovates for the Future


Get Paid Fast!

We pay our Agent partners every Friday for shipments that have Proof of Deliver via direct deposit.

Vast Logistics Offering

Our Agents have the capability to take on TL, LTL, and Expedited Air or Ground all across North America. Along with free technology to your shippers!

Competitive Commission

Our Agents maximize their earning potential starting at 60/40 splits with opportunity to increase with growth incentives.

Industry Leading Tech

Access to the same exact technology our corporate office uses. No monthly or yearly technology costs to our agents, ever.

High Opportunity

With less than 50 Agents, our network is not saturated, while maintaining competitiveness to grow. 9/10 times, the shipper you want to partner with will be available!

Growing Carrier Network

Our vast ever growing carrier network connects you with the top carriers in North America. Endless Capacity and equipment options, from Standard Dry Vans to RGN's and everything in between!


We’re creating a better way to collaborate with shippers and carriers to be competitive in the ever changing world of supply chain.

No limits to what you can earn along with freedom to set your own priorities

Fully embrace the work hard, play hard mentality.(Or work hard, relax hard)

Annual Agent Convention

Each year, we host a convention for all of our agency owners that produce at least 1M in revenue, 500K for rookies.


This includes an all expense paid trip to a new location each year. 

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